What Are Case-Studies and How Are They Put Together?

Case studies may conjure up images of long, in-depth documents. Good ones rarely are.

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Less is more

Sure, you will find case-studies that are as described, but they are not what we’re looking for. To my mind, those multipage efforts are more akin to mini white-papers masquerading as case-studies. They are neither here nor there, and that’s never a good thing. White-papers should be as detailed and as long as they need to be — they are deep dives into a given topic. Case-studies serve a different purpose altogether.

The professional touch

And that’s about it, that’s what a case-study does. We describe a problem, followed by the (your) solution, then detail the results. And all on a single page. Easy! Well, easier said than done perhaps. You see, the format might be simple, and the end result a single page, but it’s the work that goes into bringing that format and that single page to life that makes all the difference.

Golden words

The quotes and feedback provided by the client who is to be featured in the case-study are vital. A writer will know exactly which questions to ask to elicit responses that will strengthen and add to the study. This input from the end user is huge as it provides the third-party confirmation that prospective buyers look for.

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