Like many DIY jobs, you can probably do it. But can you do it well?

You’ve had a brilliant business idea. You’ve researched the opportunities. You’ve found the perfect domain name and hosting solution for your website. Magic. But have you thought about exactly how that website is going to look? Have you considered how much written content is needed, even for a simple website? Or whether you can approach this task yourself, or if it should be handed to a professional content and copy writer?

To be or not to be, that is the question

Press releases

They’re not just for big players or earth shattering revelations

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Have you ever seen an initiative by a huge national, or multinational, corporation covered in the media and thought, ‘What I wouldn’t give for some coverage like that for my business’?

Well, guess what? There’s no reason you can’t get some of that coverage.

While getting mentioned on a prime time national news or current affairs show may be rarer than rocking horse poop, there’s every chance of local coverage. This post will show you how you can aim for that coverage by using the humble press release.

Using press releases by businesses to announce updates, initiatives, community outreach or…

It’s writing all right, but it’s not all writing

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When I tell people that I write copy or that I’m a copywriter, the most common reaction is part understanding, part puzzlement. Everyone understands the writer part. The copy part is what causes the confusion. It’s one of those words with which we are all familiar, but when used in a less familiar context makes us aware that something isn’t right, even though we may be unsure about what, exactly, is wrong. This quick post will try to shed some light on the question.

It’s all in a word

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a copywriter is…

Is it even optional?

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Have you shied away from advertising or marketing because you think it’s not for your business? That you want to attract the ‘right’ kind of customers, who appreciate the inherent value of your business? And that marketing is all about manipulating people into buying things that they don’t need? Read on to find out why a better view of marketing is that of an essential dialogue.

I was recently reminded of a skit by the late comedian Bill Hicks. In his inimitable, x-rated fashion, Hicks takes aim at marketers. Spawn of the devil they are, putting dollar signs on everything…

Case studies may conjure up images of long, in-depth documents. Good ones rarely are.

Originally posted here.

In a recent post we looked at reasons to embrace case-studies as part of your marketing strategy. All well and good. Let’s create a case-study. But how, exactly, do we do it?

The first thing we should do is be clear about exactly what we are working towards. What comes to mind when you think of a case-study? I don’t know about you, but for me case-studies conjured up images of multipage reports, dense with text, pie-charts and venn diagrams. Possibly held by people in white coats. Let’s apply some correction to that mental picture.

Less is more

If you don’t already know, and you own a business, it’s something you should be involved with.

Originally posted here.

Did you know that content marketing is so effective that 90% of the most successful B2B marketers advocate its use?

Or that businesses that utilise content marketing enjoy conversion rates up to 6 times of those who do not? That’s interesting to a business owner, don’t you think? But what exactly is content marketing?

There are many forms of content marketing. All share the central premise of being informative, as opposed to promotional.

Promotional marketing seeks to raise awareness of a brand or a product. Television advertisements, billboards, newspaper ads and many online ads are promotional. …

A powerful, cost-effective way to get your message across.

This post was first published here.

Providing value without an in-your-face sales message builds trust and helps establish your business as an authority in your field. It can persuade people to trust you. It can turn maybes into yes pleases. There is a tool which, when done well, can achieve all these things. And it works. It really works.

One of the most subtle, under-used yet most powerful forms of content marketing is the humble case-study. Case-studies lead your audience through a success story experienced by one of your customers thanks to the use of your product or service. When…

Prime Ministers, prerogatives and proroguing Parliament

I recently posted a brief explainer of the European Union and the constitution of the United Kingdom. In this story, I will provide an overview of events since the referendum result in 2016 against the backdrop of the UK’s constitutional framework.

The Prime Minister (PM), David Cameron, who had campaigned to remain in the EU, resigned following the referendum result. In the UK the resignation of a sitting PM does not trigger an election automatically. The Prime Minister is, by convention, the person most likely to command a majority in the House of Commons. This is logical as the main…

A simple introduction to the European Union and the UK’s constitution

For anyone with a passing interest in the current affairs of the United Kingdom, one word has come to dominate news headlines — Brexit. The latest gambit in this ongoing drama has been United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue — or suspend — Parliament. This has been decried as undemocratic, an affront to democracy and a coup. What has become clear to me since the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union (EU) was announced in 2015 is that the entire process has been driven by emotional reporting and reaction rather than logical analysis…

I published my first story on Medium recently. I’ll be the first to say that it isn’t particularly good. It is a start though. A desire to spread my writing wings has been growing for five or six years. Being a master of prevarication a reason to put things off was never far away. The past five years have been busy, there is no doubt about that. I embarked on a distance learning law degree in 2014. Three months later I married my sweetheart; this in itself was not your usual marriage. I was living and working in Macau. The…

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